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What's up y'all! Yeah I'm back, with help from my kinfolk Mista Jonz! and that crazy boy RAY RAY...We got this bad boy sewed up so y'all can see all the natural artistic talent that is me, K-Boy the Shaolin Bastard! It's been awhile, I know, but that's cause I'm lazy and always at the Tattoo Shop, which most of y'all know by now. But it's all good though. I'm back and that's all that matters right now. What have I been up too? I'm back working at Dragon Tattoos in H-Town.. After checking out my work in my tattoo section, drop by if you're interested in getting tatted up! We're located at 3342A Chimney Rock, H-Town.. Check us out! What else...other than keeping busy, that's about it. I'm tryin to get all my work back online and add new work... Check back frequently to see any changes...even if they're small ones. Peace out fools, oh yeah and always remember...........

''The world is mine, and you are my canvas''.....K-Boy the Shaolin Bastard


Comic Book Artwork-My collection of original comic book style artwork pencilled, inked and colored by yours truly. All artwork copyright Wayne Carter unless otherwise stated.

Graffitti Artwork-Here lies some of my graffitti artwork I've done over the years.. Check out my odd since of coloring, and yeah, that's markers! All artwork copyright Wayne Carter.

Life Drawings-Drawing from life is usually the best way to learn about how the human body is composed. Mista Jonz and I always use life references whenever we can to create the art work you see on our sites! All artwork copyright Wayne Carter.

Tattoos-HeyI'm sorry for the inconvience, but I had 2 take my tattoos of this site and make a site strictly for my TATTOOS.. So click the machine an enter the world of DRAGON TATTOOS......

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